There are many things that make FetLor stand out.

  • We offer free access youth work to every child from the age of 7 to 17.
  • We offer every child a free hot, nutritious meal.
  • Our one to one support for young people is recognised across sectors.
  • We are known throughout the city as trusted, valued youth service who make a real difference to the lives of young people.
  • Our members describe us as “a safe place”.

Your support is essential to helping us provide the key services we offer to our members and our community.

Make a Donation

Everything we offer at FetLor we offer at no cost – this includes a hot meal for everyone who comes to any of our clubs or activities.  We can only do this through the generosity of our donors.  Donations pay for our activities, ensure our members are fed and help us give the best support we can to all the young people who come to FetLor.

We would love to have you help us on that journey. 

Become a Member of FetLor 1000

We would love it you felt able to give £10, or more, to us each month.  If 1000 people did this we would be able to provide all our services and, importantly, be able to plan ahead.

Should FetLor1000 members like to, their names will be included on our website and in our twice yearly newsletter.

Provide a gift

If you were able to make a one off donation to us, you could be assured your gift would be used to support young people and help us to offer our members some great opportunities.

One of our young people will write to you and let you know how your gift has been used and what benefit it has given.

Leave us a Gift in Your Will

We often update our wills at happy times in our lives; when we marry or have children.  We would be delighted if you felt able to think of us at that time and include a small legacy to FetLor in your wishes.

We would like to add the names of our legacy donors, should they like it, to our remembrance board within our club. 

Corporate Sponsorship

Providing a gift on behalf of a business can be a fantastic way to give back to the community.  We currently have businesses who support us by paying for food for some of our clubs and supporting parts of our summer activities.  If you would like to support us through corporate giving we would love to meet with you.

Corporate donors can have their logo displayed on our website and on our twice yearly newsletters. 

Volunteer With Us

We need so many different skills to make our club the success it is.  If you have time available and are thinking about volunteering, why not consider these opportunities at FetLor?

Centenary Coordinator

We are Scotland’s oldest youth club and will celebrate our centenary in 2024. We’d like to develop a program of events to mark our 100th birthday. This will include organising events such as community and sponsors lunches as well as helping us organise things like commemorative bricks and a time capsule. There is no need to come to all these events, just help us plan them. We have resource on site for the delivery; is the organisation behind the delivery that we are looking for assistance with.

Field Trip Coordinator

We want to take our members to new places on Fridays. We are thinking about venues like the airport, the police control room, the High Court and Torness. These trips will, we hope, give our members a great day out, but moreover, inspire them towards new careers and opportunities they may not otherwise have thought of. There is no need nor expectation for you to come on these trips, simply organise them and set them up; again we have the resource for delivery.

Both of these require good organisation and communication skills. Neither role should be too taxing and both provide an opportunity for somebody to give back to the community.

Neither of these commitments should take more than half a day a week, at a maximum.

Podcast Leader

Our young people have a story to tell and a voice to be heard.  We would like to launch our own podcast channel that would allow us to interview people that matter to us and share our story with the world.  We have the equipment we just need your help in guiding a group of young people through the podcasing world.

Youth Club Volunteer

If you are interested in working with young people and can commit to a set time over a minimum of three months, we would love to have you join us.  Please contact Amy for more details.

Student Placements

If you are at college or university and feel that a placement with us working in any of the roles we have to offer would be beneficial, please contact Richie at to discuss options.

In this 45 second video, our youth manager Amy sums up why we need your help:

Here we have a final word from 15-year-old Calum to tell you what FetLor has done for him:

“FetLor taught me I can do anything if I set my mind to it and put in the effort. Youth workers helped me to believe in myself in daily life.” Why Youth Work Matters