Supporting children and young people is at the core of everything we do at FetLor Youth Club.  We deliver upon this in a professional way which values both the young people we work for and the team of colleagues and partners we work with.

Ethics comes from a Greek work that simply means ‘habits’.  The FetLor Code of Ethics sets out, in clear and positive terms, the habits we as individuals, and as an organisation, seek to uphold every day.  This includes a commitment to ensure everything we do is lawful.

The FetLor Code of Ethics has a central role in defining and communicating what we do.  As an organisation, all our team, which includes, our board, all our volunteers and our staff, support the Code. 

Our Code reflects our core values – Increasing Resilience, Developing Potential and Having Fun whilst also including the duty of care we have to young people and to one another.  This Code also references the policies we have which relate to our support for children and young people and our team.

1          Increasing Resilience

I take pride in working as part of a team dedicated to supporting young people.

I treat children and young people without prejudice or discrimination. 

I respect diversity and will challenge discrimination and prejudice where I see it.

I encourage children and young people to speak out when they see or encounter behaviour that makes them uncomfortable.

I promote a positive wellbeing within FetLor. I will make sure that all people have fair and equal access to our services according to their needs.

2          Developing Potential

I help children and young people develop their decision-making skills and support them through this process.

I recognise the impact I have on others and understand that I need to exercise that in a respectful, professional way.

I work to promote equality of opportunity and outcomes for all those I work with.

I coach all those I support to understand and work toward achieving their own goals.

I am a champion for children and young people and support them to become the very best they can be.

3          Having Fun

I do all I can to ensure everyone has a safe time.  This means I do not tolerate smoking, alcohol or drug use or other harmful pursuits within the club.

I support children and young people in trying out new activities and exploring new ideas.

I engage others to make sure I provide the very best outcomes for everyone I work with.

I approach every interaction with children and young people and colleagues in a positive and supportive way.

I do all I can to ensure all children and young people coming to FetLor have fun.

4          Duty of Care

I respect everyone and work with them in a truthful and honest way.

I avoid exposing anyone I work with to physical harm or injury to their emotional wellbeing. 

At all times, I work within the terms of the FetLor Safeguarding Policy.

At all times, I carry out my role in a way that conforms to FetLor’s Health and Safety Policy.

Where required, I will remain a member of the Disclosure Scotland; Protecting Vulnerable Groups Scheme.

As far as it is possible to do so, I respect confidentiality.  Where I can’t offer this, I will explain my professional judgement to those affected by my decision and ensure my judgement is professionally defensible.

I support all those around me.  I make sure the relationships I am part of are appropriate and are professionally managed, this includes relationships undertaken over social media.